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The Cooper’s Polka

Recently, I went to visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, because a friend had given me two free tickets to it.  (He used to work for the Smithwick's brewery and they get those once in a while.) So, I went, even though I'm not that much into the overly touristy things or into alcohol. I found it way too commercial. But what I did like, was the industrial architecture and the social and industrial history they showed. I was especially impressed by a fillem they showed about the skills of a cooper, who single-handedly made barrels with only hand tools. There and then, I decided that he deserved a polka to be written in appreciation of his skills - and all those skills that were needed in a brewery fadó fadó.


Because few trad musicians read sheet music, here's the abc:

T:The Cooper’s Polka
C:Anne-Karoline Distel
I:linebreak $
EA AG/A/ | Be cA | EA AG/A/ | Bc B2 | EA AG/A/ | Be cA | cA eA | BG A2 ::$ cA eA | cA eA |
ce e/c/A | cB [EB]2 | cA eA | cA eA | ce e/c/A | cB A2 :|

Here's the video tutorial:

We tested it in O'Gorman's last Thursday (the former brewery employee was amongst the musicians), and it went down well.