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Reel: The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden sheet music

Why all these historical references in the tunes, you might wonder. Well, easy: I like history (mostly up until and including the Renaissance) and I'm also a member of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society. So, this is another one with a historical theme: The Secret Garden refers to the garden in/behind Rothe House in Kilkenny. Up until 2004, it used to be a carpark, but it was restored to its former  17th century glory since then with vegetable and herb beds and an orchard containing heritage varieties such as Blood of the Boyne. So, inspired by this, I wrote this reel last week.

Here's your abc notation:

T:The Secret Garden
C:Anne-Karoline Distel
F2 EF DABA | dABA dABA | GBdB eBdB | AF FE/F/ DB A2 |
F2 EF DABA | dABA dABA | GBdB eBdB | AF G/F/E DF/E/ A2 ::
dA (3ddd efee | cAGE FAAB | cA (3GGE FAAB | cABc d2 df/e/ | 
dA (3ddd efee | cAGE FAAB | cA (3GGE FAAB | AF G/F/E DF/E/ D2 : |

And the YouTube tutorial, already done and not added days later, for once: