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Jig: Black Tom

Black Tom (jig in Gmaj)-1

This is a tune I wrote back in Summer 2017, when I was working behind the bar in the Hole in the Wall in Kilkenny. Business was quite slow in the afternoons and we had a fiddle behind the bar, so at times, I would just practise or write tunes.

This tune goes very well with The Irish Washerwoman which can be played after. It's actually on the CD my friend Conor and I recorded in September 2017.

This jig is called "Black Tom", because Black Tom, better known as Thomas Butler, 10th Earl of Ormonde allegedly has some connection with the tavern that is now the Hole in the Wall - according to its owner.

Anyway, here is the abc:

T:Black Tom
C:Anne-Karoline Distel
I:linebreak $
|: dc | Bdd GBB | BAG FAA | DGF GBB | AGF Gdc | Bdd GBB |$ BAG FAA | dcA BGG |1 DFF G :|2
DFF GBG |: DGG B,GG | GFG Acc |$ cBA BGG | DGF GBG | DGG B,GG | GFG Acc | ecA BGG | DEF GBG :|