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A couple of days ago, I got a letter from my grandfather in Germany. He told me that my lullaby had inspired him to write lyrics to it and had put in three paper copies of it. Since he is German, he wrote German lyrics, and since he used to be a reverend, they're slightly Christian. Well, it's about a guardian angel watching over a sleeping child.

Lullaby with German lyrics

My book "Drawn to Tunes - Original Irish Tunes and Drawings" will be launched on March 13th 2019 in John Cleere's pub in Kilkenny.

To give a better idea about the content, I created a sample file.

Book Cover "Drawn to Tunes"
Book Cover "Drawn to Tunes"

It will be available in local bookshops and online.

You can pre-order it on Amazon already. However, the edition available online is not saddle stitched, so for sheet music, it's not great. But the Print-on-demand provider didn't offer saddle stitch for that format, so I had to go with perfect bound. Sorry about that.